The Traveling Closet exists to put STYLE in your LIFE. ™


The Traveling Closet was created by two sisters who are inspired by Life! In an exclusive interview they gave us a glimpse into their world.

Where did the name The Traveling Closet originate?

We wanted a name that would describe the flow of clothing and accessories from around the globe to your front door. We were brainstorming, and we came up with the name. When we said it aloud, we knew it was perfect.

What type of clothing and accessories do you offer?

It was important for us to feature a wide selection of merchandise but present it in limited quantities…a true boutique. Individuality is a priority. We carry clothing and accessories that reflect our individual style.

What is your individual style?

Feminine. Classic. Edge. We have always had a desire and a passion for expressing ourselves through our individual style. We are attracted to patterns, color, and impeccable tailoring. We also like balance. We may pair a romantic sheer blouse with wool trousers. It is funny because we often purchase a garment one year, and we are able to wear it many years later. We also understand that it is important to wear what works for you and to always dress for the occasion.

What was your first fashion splurge?

Chanel sunglasses many, many years ago. I still have them and I still wear them.

Sounds like The Traveling Closet does a lot for outside appearance. Are you only skin deep?

Of course not. Style truly begins on the inside. We are inspired by creation, and we are thankful for the opportunities to travel and experience diverse expressions of style. We give back to our communities in a few ways. For example, at least 10 percent of our gross sales go to non-profit organizations. We also volunteer our time to the arts and to other agencies. Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived…this is to have succeeded.” We agree.